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The Most Beautiful Blessing

Posted on October 06 2019

We weren’t trying to get pregnant.  We knew we wanted children, but it wasn’t in our plans just yet.  Shortly after we moved into our new home, I was cleaning and found an old pregnancy test in one of our boxes.  I didn’t want to just throw it away, so I thought, “Why not give it a try?”  After a few minutes, I stared in disbelief.  It was positive.  I ran to the backyard to tell my husband, Reid.  He couldn’t believe it either and I wanted to be sure, so he drove to the drug store to buy me a new fancy digital test.  Again, positive!  I still wasn’t convinced - six tests later I finally believed it was true.  We were pregnant!

I enjoyed my pregnancy and as our baby grew, I started to feel her moving and kicking.  In fact, that’s what I remember most and I miss all those movements now that she’s here.  I loved laying on the bed, feeling my belly while she tossed and turned.  It was surreal toward the end when I could actually see her hands and feet as she started to run out of space.

I was anxious, excited and slightly terrified about the delivery, but when the time came all those fears washed away and I was ready - ready to meet my little girl and ready to be a mother.  It took 28 hours and an emergency C-section before we were formally introduced.  After all those months of carrying her, thinking about her and dreaming about her, I heard her first cry and completely lost it, bursting into tears at the sound of her beautiful voice.

Harper is seven weeks old now and changing daily.  She is extremely tough and brave (she gets that from her Dad), calm and sweet (she gets that from me) with a ready smile for anyone who smiles and talks to her.  I never knew how quickly she would grow and develop.  I also never knew that I could love her dad any more than I did before she came along.  Watching him with her, holding her, listening to her and taking care of her the minute he gets home from work has shown me what a truly wonderful man I married.  I feel like my heart is expanding every time I’m with her or see the two of them together.

I’m so excited about the future:  watching her grow, teaching her how to live a full life and seeing the world through her eyes.  I can’t wait for the holidays to come; to watch her reactions and experience these special days in a new way through her.  I’m smiling as I think of it.  She is the most beautiful blessing God has given us. 

I love being a Mom.


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