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All you need is love...and a cat

Posted on February 10 2017

Where they met.

Carrington Hills Apartments

She found love roaming around her apartment

2013 was a hard year. Between school, work and her difficult roommates, She was having a hard time balancing. After many months of asking God for someone to love her and some happiness in her home she met Roe. 
A cat was "ROaming" around her apartment and she invited her in. "What joy that tiny little fur ball brings me. When I'm sad she comes by my side and rubs against my face. We cuddle in thunder storms and she always breaks my anxiety by making me laugh. I swear she's my angel sent."
When it began getting cold out, Sophie put flyers out for a missing cat. Not long after a woman came by telling how she rescued Roe from being beaten downtown and brought her home for a chance at a better life. She then said "If you want her, you can have her." Sophie couldn't imagine life without her now, they had become inseparable.
A month or so later, Roe turned out to be pregnant, and gave birth to four precious kittens, one for each of her colors. All the kittens were placed in happy homes (two with Sophie).
"They are the reminder in my day to smile. Every time I look at them I instantly feel peace and joy." 
Love has many different faces and takes on many different shapes.


Sophie + Roe


Sophie and RoeSleeping Roe

Left: First play date, February 2013

Right: Roe's first sleep over, all tucked in

Roe and her kittensBrazzell Christmas Card 2016

Left: Roe's kittens (one for each of her colors)

Right: Brazzell Christmas Card 2016

Life is full of "butterflies in the stomach" moments. For every exciting moment gain confidence by wearing a sense of adventure.

Is not being fearless. It's taking action through the fear. 

Sophie in carol lipworth designsSophie in carol lipworth designs pearls

Sharing stories from our "CLD Ladies" leading up to Valentine's Day.
Make carol lipworth designs part of your special moment.


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