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"Near, far, wherever you are"

Posted on February 09 2017

Where they met.

Fortune Teller

A reading of adventure

Although they had a couple introductions, one made a lasting impression and the rest was history. On their first trip out of town they went to a Fortune Teller. “She told me how crazy in love we were and how my life was getting ready to change! There would be many great adventures, both domestic and international. And she was exactly right!" Mexico, Paris, Italy, wine country, the Kentucky Derby and Africa to name a few. Thirteen years of marriage and many exciting trips mixed in between.
“I always take a piece or two of Carol Lipworth Designs with me wherever I go. As we say, everyday is a new adventure!”

Belinda + Corky

plane ride to AfricaKentucky Derby

Left: Plane ride to Africa

Right: Kentucky Derby with friends

Belinda and CorkyHillhouse Christmas Card

Left: Happy Couple

Right: Hillhouse Christmas Card 2016

Life is full of "butterflies in the stomach" moments. For every exciting moment gain confidence by wearing a sense of adventure.


Is not being fearless. It's taking action through the fear. 

Belinda in carol lipworth designs necklaceBelinda and carol lipworth designs

Sharing stories from our "CLD Ladies" leading up to Valentine's Day.
Make carol lipworth designs part of your special moment.


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