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Sister Love

Posted on February 14 2017

Where they met.


Lori's 3rd birthday

Sister Love

The first time we met, I didn’t even know who she was or what she was for that matter.  I was a baby and she was my older sister.  But, over the years, she became my best friend, my confidante and my fiercest ally.  Oh, it wasn’t always pretty.  No, we fought, we teased, we were mean to one another (actually, she was the mean one when we were little – I just wanted to hang out with her), but that’s just what siblings do.  She taught me to read and write before I went to kindergarten – she would set up a “school” in our attic and play the teacher.  She looked out for me and worried about me when I missed the bus.  We would spend hours building forts and playing in the woods behind our house.  We played Barbies as little girls and as we grew up, we played piano and sang together.

When I graduated high school I left town in search of bigger and better things.  She stayed, married and had two beautiful boys.  Our paths have been so different, but we love one another like only two sisters can.  I am forever grateful to my parents for giving me a sister who is also my best friend.

Carol + Lori

Lori and CarolMother, sister and carol

Left: Tucson Gem Show

Right: Mother, Lori and Carol

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