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Your Colors for Spring 2017

Posted on December 26 2016

It happens every year.  We can't wait for the weather to turn cold so we can wear our soft, comfy sweaters and darker colors.  But, it doesn't take long and we're tired of the drab, dark colors and begin longing for the bright, cheerful colors of Spring.  

This Spring, we'll be rejoicing in these fresh, gorgeous colors that we'll see in everything from clothing to household goods to automobiles.  

Pantone colors for 2017

This color palette has everything from soft, neutrals to bright, colorful hues. The color combinations are limitless as you'll see from these inspirations from Pinterest.  



Pantone 2017  Pantone 2017  

Warm Primrose Yellow takes us to our happy place marked by sunny days ahead.



Pantone 2017  Pantone 2017  

Pale Dogwood is a demure pink shade with a healthy glow and mixed with Flame, a red-based orange, adds fiery heat.



Pantone 2017 Pantone 2017

Pink Yarrow is a festive hue that lifts the spirits and gets the adrenaline pumping.  Paired here with Primrose Yellow and Hazelnut.



Pantone 2017  Pantone 2017  

Blue shades dominate this Spring's palette.  On the softer side is the aqua-inspired Island Paradise, mid-range is Niagara, a denim-blue hue and finally we have Lapis Blue, a beautiful deeper shade.  

Pantone 2017  

Here we see the blues mixed with Greenery, a fertile natural green shade, and Primrose Yellow.



Now take a look at a few more combinations of this year's Spring/Summer color pallete.


Pantone 2017  Pantone 2017  Pantone 2017  Pantone 2017  Pantone 2017  Pantone 2017  


Here's to a colorful Spring!


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