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Style Secrets: Top 5 Tips for Layering Like a Pro!

Posted on October 13 2015



1. Layer necklaces from the same collection


Necklaces from the same collection are designed to look good together because the designer uses similar stones, metals and styles. 


2.  Layer necklaces with similar colors


These necklaces are multi-colored, making mixing and matching a breeze. 



Whether your necklaces have stones or are plain metal, mixing like colors will always look great.



3.  Layer in threes whenever possible


Odd numbers are more pleasing to the eye than even ones.  The key to layering three necklaces is to make sure that each necklace is a different length. So pick one short necklace, one mid-length and one long and layer away!



4.  Layering two necklaces is better than one


Sometimes your neckline doesn't allow you to wear a long or short necklace or you just don't have three necklaces that work together.  In those cases, don't be shy to layer just two necklaces for more impact. 



5.  Mix metals for a fresh, modern look


Almost anything goes here - gold, silver, brass, copper, rose gold, antiqued brass, oxidized silver and more.  Have fun and be bold - the only limits are the ones you impose on yourself!

Need more personalized help with layering?  Email me a picture of your combinations and I'll give you the thumbs up or down and offer suggestions.  Share pictures or your favorite layering looks and I'll post them here!


Look fabulous, Feel fabulous, Be fabulous

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  • Himanshu: December 25, 2015

    Hi! I recently docisvered your blog and your lovely work and have been really enjoying following your posts.I was just stopping by tonight to let you know that I have given you a sunshine award but, alas, Kate above has beaten me to it! :)Now you have two awards, and I got an excuse to say hello!Alix

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