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How to Dress - Lessons from the Downton Abbey Ladies Maids

Posted on October 06 2019

  Downton Abbey Cast

I LOVE Downton Abbey.  I don't just love it,  I ADORE it.  The opulence, the drama, the servants.  Oh, the plot twists and turns, the relationships and struggles, and did I say servants?  And I love nothing more than the idea of a ladies maid - someone whose sole purpose is to tend to your every whim and desire, who makes sure you look stunning and put together at all times. 

Close your eyes and imagine that for a moment.  Go on, a girl can daydream, can't she?


Downton Abbey

How marvelous would it be to have your own personal ladies maid to dress you each and every day!  No more staring aimlessly at your closet, hoping beyond hope that something will jump out at you.  No more trying on five different outfits before you settle on the same pair of jeans and white shirt that you always wear. No more wondering which piece of jewelry goes best with your dress.

It occurred to me that we could all use our own personal ladies maid or stylist as we call them today. Someone who knows what we like to wear and what looks best on us.  However, since that may not be reasonable or even likely your next best bet is to become your own personal stylist; the one who knows exactly which outfit you should wear and accessorizes you like a pro.

To get started, you need to determine your personal style (as any self-respecting ladies maid would do). 

Ask yourself this one question about your own style, how you like to dress and what you want to project:


"What's important to me?"


It sounds so simple, but the answer can change your life (or at least your wardrobe!)

Not sure where to start, here are some ideas that I hear all the time:


1.  I want to be comfortable

2.  I want to look feminine

3.  I want to look artsy

4.  I want to always look put together

5.  I want to be able to go from day to evening effortlessly

6.  I want to wear unique things that no one else has

7.  I want to show my fun, playful side

8.  Etc, etc.


    Once you've determined what is important to you, you'll have a clear road map to guide you in your wardrobe/jewelry purchases.  No more buying something because it is trendy if what you really want is to be a classic.  No more delicate necklaces when you really want to scream, "Hey, look at ME!" And, no more buying jewelry that sits in your jewelry box because it just doesn't suit you.

    So, get clear on what is important to you and then look for items that feel like they were created just for you.   The beauty of doing this is that you will always look and feel fantastic, dressing will be fast and easy because everything fits your "what's important" criteria, and you'll feel more confident in your look and yourself.  


    Downton Abbey Maids


    Remember, I'm here to help if you need suggestions on the right jewelry for you.  Call, email or message me with questions.  And, if you don't find the perfect piece on my website, I love making custom pieces for my clients.  



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