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Jewelry + Scarf Reimagined

Posted on September 07 2016

It's no secret that jewelry and scarves go hand-in-hand, but if you think you can only wear them together in the Fall, you are seriously limiting your options.

Take it from the Europeans - they accessorize with scarves like we put on pants and a shirt – naturally. Depending on fabric, scarves can be worn in every season, enhancing and expanding your clothing canvas. By adding jewelry as an additional layer, you go from looking good to looking fabulous – or as we like to say, “from window shopper to show stopper!” 


 carol lipworth designs jewelry and scarf styles


Here are 5 unexpected layering looks that will up your accessorizing game.


monochromatic maven


1. Monochromatic Maven

For those who love to match, this is a saving grace. Pairing the same colors together to create a color story while using your accessories as texture guarantees a polished look that will turn heads.



bandana babe


2. Bandana Babe

Have fun with a trend or save this option for your next Fourth of July party. Whether tied thin or opened wide, pair the scarf with delicate jewelry for a delicious contrast.


choker chic


3. Choker Chic

It's all about high necklines - layer up to create interesting texture to your outfit. This look can be bold and avant-garde or a chic addition to a jacket.


minimal maiden

4. Minimal Maiden

"The Effortless Look" made easy. Style one long simple necklace with a solid earth tone scarf and clothes. Timeless and classy.


pattern pro

5. Pattern Pro

For the adventurous at heart, use your accessories to add more complimentary patterns to your look. Plaids, dots and even stripes can look good together when you combine similar colors. Let one pattern be your focus, and use the others as supporting statements.



More Looks &Tips: 


scarf style tip

Scarf styles:

Wear scarf knotted close to your neck or loose and long.

bandana style tip

Bandana styles:

Tie in front, tie in back, or tie loose for a western look.







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