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My Customer Service Mantra

Posted on August 19 2016

I heard this quote recently and it has been rolling around in my head ever since, “Make a customer, not a sale,” by Katherine Barchetti, a successful retailer who raised customer service to an art form.

I come from a customer service background – from retail management to flight attendant to training others and then running my own hotel. Customer service has always been front and center in what I do.   

One of the key tenets of customer service I learned from a class I taught at Continental Airlines.  Every time customers interact with you, whether it be over the phone, at check-in, baggage claim or just by seeing you walk through the airport terminal, they are forming an impression of the company.  Every single time.  Whether they speak with you, are served by you or just see you across the room.  You don’t just represent the company and the brand, you ARE the company and the brand and must always pay attention to the details, be aware of your customers needs and be at your best. 

I hope you feel that personal attention to detail in my jewelry, my website, my blogs – in fact, I hope you feel it every time you encounter Carol Lipworth Designs. 

I’d like to tweak the saying by changing one word, though.  While I certainly want customers to love and purchase my jewelry, I prefer:



In my 16 years of designing and selling jewelry, I’ve made a lot of friends – some are in my life every day and others every now and then, but it doesn’t matter, friends are friends.   And I'll tell you, when I’m on my way out of this world, I won’t be remembering all the sales I made, I’ll be fondly remembering all the friends I met along the way.


Have a picture of you in your CLD jewelry?  Send it to me so I can add you to my "Friends Collage". Email it to

Thanks for your continued support, your love of beautiful jewelry and your friendship,


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