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Inspiration: the Southwest

Posted on August 30 2016



    1. the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative

    2. the drawing in of breath; inhalation.


    "What inspires you?" 

    This is the question I am asked most and the one I have the hardest time answering. 

    I found this definition online at Merriam Webster and it certainly rings true.  I love #2 in the definition above as it explains the concept perfectly for me - the drawing in of breath, the "aha" moment when something I see or experience actually moves me to want to create something because of it.  It can happen any time and any place, but most often happens when I travel.  Perhaps it is because I am putting myself into a strange place and am more aware of my surroundings, the new and different sights, sounds, smells, experiences.  I always try to pay attention and see my surroundings, but day-to-day living tends to be at a fast pace and I often miss the beauty around me.  Not so when I travel.  This for me is where most of my inspiration begins.

    One place that continually inspires my designs is the Southwest.  Sedona, the Grand Canyon, Tucson - all are places that never fail to spark my creativity.  I spent four years in Arizona and grew to love the desert landscape with its red mountains and fiery sunsets.  My Southwest Collection is inspired by this natural landscape and represents the colors and textures found in this extraordinary part of the world.

    Here are a few examples of my latest Southwest inspirations:

    My collection using Dendrite Opals has all the Southwest's earthy colors with flashes of light representing the bright sun as it sets in the evening.


    While these stones below are Orange Kyanite from Nigeria, they look as though they could have been mined in Sedona's red rocks.  I've added touches of turquoise or blue kyanite and used different metals to create two different necklaces.


    There are more pieces in this collection, including earrings and bracelets.  Click EXPLORE to see more of my Southwest Collection.





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