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A Path to Inspiration: Part 1

Posted on September 20 2017

sunset in Morocco by Sandra La Forge


Even the most creative people get stuck, in fact, that was our inspiration for writing this blog.  We’ve both had those days when we sat staring through the camera or at an empty work table searching for inspiration that never came.  We’ve been stuck, frustrated, inspiration-less.


Waiting for inspiration to strike

waiting for inspiration to strike!


After years of working through this non-creative state, we’ve found ways around and through it.  You see, being stuck with no bright flashes of inspiration to kick-start your creativity isn’t the worst thing.  It’s the normal thing.  Its frustrating, but it is also a necessary step in the creative process.


Why?  Because we can’t keep doing the same things day-after-day and expect to be inspired.  And, when we become uninspired, it’s a reminder that we need to shake things up and do something different to change our state of being.


 water close up by Carol Lipworth

water close-up in Osaka



Inspiration can come in many forms. Here are five tips for breaking or changing habits that can lead to increased creativity:


1.  Heighten your awareness. Pay attention.  Slow down and look around.

2.  Change your routine. Take a different route while driving or taking a walk.  When you are in a routine, you are often on autopilot, unaware of your surroundings.  Anything that takes you out of your routine will help shift your point of view.

3.  Put on your rose-colored (or yellow or blue) glasses and see things from a new perspective. Change the way you look at nature. It is constantly changing and can be quite a muse.

4.  Learn something new. It’s another way to shift your outlook and experiences.

5.  Relax.  That’s right, chill out, meditate, listen to baroque music – anything to calm yourself and allow your right brain to kick in.  According to neuroscientists, deep relaxation is an ideal state for creativity, as well as, good humor and pleasure. 


Still feeling stuck?  Remember, inspiration is everywhere, especially on social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest.  Here are just four of the creative people we follow for inspiration:


Sue Bryce

Justina Blakeney

Dave Black    

Jasmine Star 

Our photo shoot in Costa Rica - we found inspiration everywhere we turned! 


Let’s inspire each other.  Please comment below and share your tips, websites, pages, places, anything that inspires you!


In our next blog post, Sandy and I will share our personal stories of inspiration and some of the artists who inspire us.  In the meantime, here are links to our social media and websites - maybe we can inspire you!


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