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Cruising - You've Got to Start Somewhere

Posted on November 08 2016

My next cruise trunk show is just 12 days away and as usual I'm feeling excited to hit the road and travel again. We're off to Rome to join the Viking Sea on a Mediterranean cruise with stops in Naples, Crete, Israel, Cyprus, Mykonos, Rhodes and Athens.  Sadly, Istanbul, one of my all-time favorite cities, was taken off the itinerary due to the political unrest there.

This is the start of a series I'll be writing about my travels and the trunk shows, but for now I want to share the marketing video I created to play on the ship's TV system throughout the cruise:



To this day it gives me a thrill when I see my videos playing on my cabin TV.  

Watch for more cruise/travel posts coming soon.  I'm sure there will be a lot to write about on this next journey!


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