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March Birthstone - Aquamarine

Posted on March 01 2016

There is no stone quite as beautifully blue as an Aquamarine. Its colors range from pale greens and blues to deep clear blue. A member of the beryl family, Aquamarines are related to Emeralds and Morganite.



Aquamarine blue is said to arouse feelings of sympathy, trust, harmony and friendship. All good feelings based on mutuality. According to legend, Aquamarine is said to have originated in the treasure chest of fabulous mermaids and since ancient times has been regarded as the sailors' lucky stone.


Its name is derived from the Latin "aqua" (water) and "mare" (sea). It is said that its strengths are developed to their best advantage when it is placed in water which is bathed in sunlight. However, I suggest wearing it since according to old traditions this promises a happy marriage and is said to bring the woman who wears it joy and wealth.


A big Happy Birthday to all you March babies!  Lucky you to have such a beautiful stone as your birthstone.  As you can see below, there are an infinite number of ways to wear Aquamarine.  Here are just a few pieces of jewelry I've created using this gorgeous stone.



 Thanks for reading and sharing. 

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