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November Birthstones: Citrine and Topaz

Posted on November 07 2015


November birthdays are associated with two gems; Citrine and Topaz. The warm color of Citrine is said to be a gift from the sun and it's believed to be a healing gemstone. Topaz is most desired in its rich orange Imperial Topaz color but it is found in a variety of rich colors like blue, pink and yellow.


Citrine stone  Topaz stone


I'm a November baby and therefore these golden stones are my birthstone. Unfortunately for me, I knew from a very early age that yellow was not a good color for me. I favored blue and longed for a beautiful aquamarine like my sister received for her birthday in March. I felt cheated every November when I would receive clothes or jewelry in Autumn colors and again every March when my older sister opened box after box of beautiful blue stuff! It just wasn't right! I think I may have been scarred for life.

If you are a true Autumn or Spring, colors like yellow citrine, oranges and warm browns will make your eyes sparkle and your skin glow. But, on me, these colors are atrocious! So, imagine my excitement when I learned that Topaz was also considered a November birthstone! Finally, a reprieve from the yellows and oranges of my youth! Now I could enjoy a birthstone in the beautiful blues that I favor.


Blue topaz stone  Alexandrite topaz stone


Here are some of the pieces I've created using the traditional November birthstone - Citrine.


Lemon Citrine necklace by Carol Lipworth Designs Citrine Drusy Necklace by Carol Lipworth Designs

Citrine Drusy & Chrysocolla Necklace by Carol Lipworth Designs Citrine Drusy & Antiqued Brass Necklace by Carol Lipworth Designs


Happy Birthday to all you November babies out there. It may be the best month to be born after all now that we can choose either the rich, golden colors of citrine and yellow topaz or the cooler options of blue or Alexandrite topaz. Isn't it great to have options?

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