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Maximinus Coin and Freshwater Pearl Necklace

$ 1,085.00

Product Details

Presenting our exclusive ancient Maximinus Coin* Statement Necklace – a unique masterpiece for sophisticated women who treasure their individuality and appreciate the extraordinary. 

At the heart of this beautiful necklace is the Maximinus (308-313 A.D.) coin, set in radiant gold vermeil. This one-of-a-kind coin adds a touch of historical charm, making it a conversation starter and a true statement piece.

The necklace features multi-color Freshwater Pearls accented with Labradorite gemstones and gold vermeil, infusing it with opulence and sophistication.

The textured 14kt gold fill chain serves as a luxurious foundation, showcasing meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. 

Designed with versatility in mind, this necklace features a 14kt gold fill lobster clasp and is adjustable to 21 inches. Whether worn as a standalone piece to command attention or layered for a personalized, curated look, this necklace embodies luxe sophistication.


This coin has been certified by a professional numismatist and you will receive proof of authentication.


*Gaius Valerius Galerius Maximinus (308-313 A.D.)

He was originally a peasant named Daia, the nephew of Galerius, his Predecessor. He rose to high distinction after he had joined the army and in 305 he was adopted by his maternal uncle, Galerius, and raised to the rank of Caesar, with the government of Syria and Aegyptus. In 308, after the elevation of Licinius to Augustus, Maximinus and Constantine were declared filii Augustorum (“sons of Augusti”).

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