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Sapphires, Smokey Quartz, Labradorite & Coin of the Crusades Necklace

$ 2,875.00

Product Details

Introducing our captivating "Coin of the Crusades*" Long Statement Necklace – an artisan masterpiece designed for sophisticated women who appreciate the allure of one-of-a-kind jewelry. This extraordinary piece seamlessly weaves together the rich hues of sapphires, smokey quartz, labradorite, and sunstone, creating a stunning symphony of colors and textures.

The faceted, earthtone sapphires, deep brown smokey quartz, iridescent labradorite, and the warm glow of sunstone are carefully selected and intricately arranged, showcasing the craftsmanship that goes into each piece. The oxidized sterling silver accents add a touch of vintage charm, creating a perfect marriage of modern elegance and timeless beauty.

At the heart of this exceptional necklace is the "Coin of the Crusades" pendant, set in textured oxidized sterling silver. This distinctive addition not only enhances the necklace's aesthetic appeal but also infuses it with a sense of history and mystique. The pendant serves as a unique focal point, making a statement that is both bold and meaningful.

With a length of 38 inches and a secure silver lobster clasp, the "Coin of the Crusades" Long Statement Necklace is not just a piece of jewelry – it's an expression of individuality and style. Wear it as a standalone statement or layer it with shorter necklaces to create a personalized and curated look that reflects your unique style.

Indulge in the artistry of this handcrafted necklace, where each gemstone and sterling silver detail is thoughtfully chosen and meticulously placed. 


This coin has been certified by a professional numismatist and you will receive proof of authentication.


* The crusades were a series of military expeditions that continued on and off for several hundred years from 1095 A.D. until about the 14th century.  Over twenty “official” Crusades were launched, with varying degrees of success. The Crusades originally had the goal of recapturing Jerusalem and the Holy Land from Muslim rule and were launched in response to a call from the Eastern Orthodox Byzantine Empire.

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