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Mixed Metal, Tahitian Pearl & Byzantine Coin Lariat

$ 1,495.00

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This lariat is part of my Fall 2020 Couture Collection featuring Byzantine Coins mixed with faceted earth-tone sapphires, smokey quartz, labradorite, teal kyanite and Tahitian pearls.  

Made of 14kt gold fill and oxidized sterling silver chain, the lariat features four Tahitian pearls and an ancient Byzantine coin (description below).

"Jupitor Holding Winged Victory" 308 - 324 AD

Flavius Galerius Valerius Licinianus Licinius

Of Dacian peasant origin, born in Moesia Superior, Licinius accompanied his close friend the Emperor Galerius on the Persoan expedition in 297. Galerius elevated Licinius to the rank of Augustus in the West on Nov. 11, 308. He received as his immediate command the provinces of illyricum, Thrace and Pannonia (the Western half of the Roman Empire)

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