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Byzantine Coin & Sapphire Bracelet

$ 1,125.00

Product Details

This earth tone bracelet features faceted square sapphires with hints of brown, green and blue along with faceted smokey quartz beads separated by tiny gold fill beads and a *Byzantine coin set in gold vermeil.  

Gold plate magnet clasp.  Length 7.25".

Always Handmade and One-of-A-Kind!


* Maximian I - Marcus Aurelius Valerius Maximianus Herculius Augustus (286-305A.D.)  He shared the latter title with his co-emperor and superior, Diocletian, whose political brain complemented Maximian's military brawn. Maximian established his residence at Trier, but spent most of his time on campaign. In late 285, he suppressed rebels in Gaul known as the Bagaudae.

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