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Ancient Coin Necklace

$ 2,395.00

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Historically Significant

This one-of-a-kind long necklace features an ancient Roman *Diocletian Coin (284-305 A.D.) set in sterling silver surrounded by faceted, earth-tone Sapphires, Smokey Quartz and sparkling White Pyrite.  Glittering Sterling Silver and Oxidized Silver chain finishes the look.  The back is open so you can also see the flip side of the coin.

Sterling Silver Lobster Clasp.

Length 39".


Diocletian - Gaius Aurelius Valerius Diocletianus (284-305AD) Diocletian brought an end to the period popularly known to historians as the "Crises of the Third Century". He established an autocratic government and was responsible for laying the groundwork for the second phase of the Roman Empire. "Diocletian created what has become known as the system of "Tetrarchy", or "rule of four", whereby a senior emperor would rule in the East and another senior emperor would rule the West, and each would have a junior emperor.

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